RADIO UPDATE: Upcoming radio schedule changes

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network will be making some upcoming changes to our broadcast schedule beginning Monday, December 9.

Some of these changes will include, but not limited to the following:

December 2019 HLNF Schedule

Among the major changes include returning Wrestling Observer Live to a live broadcast on Wednesdays and including USA Classic Radio Theater in the Wednesday lineup.

NPR Illinois programs Statewide and State Week In Review will air early weekend mornings with the Anarchast podcast sandwiched in between.

Freakonomics Radio and TED Radio Hour have been pushed to earlier time slots on Saturdays.

There may be some slight changes that might not go noticed, but they are featured in the new schedule.

The programming team will change the scheduling beginning Friday, December 6 and should have final preparations completed with our automation software by mid-evening on Sunday, December 8.

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